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I think I've figured out how sexting will peak as a phenomenon and then decline.

Today's teenagers didn't grow up with their *parents* on facebook.

But in 5 years or so, we'll get a bunch of youngsters who DID grow up with their parents obsessively posting pictures and status updates and embarrassing anecdotes online.

Who wants to bet that this will make it easier for THEM to realize just how fast embarrassing photos can shoot around the world? After all, if Mom could post that naked photo of you in the bathtub at 3 years of age, so her friends can coo about it when it happens, and your classmates are STILL mocking you about it six or eight years later, I bet that will drive the point home early and well.

Just sayin'.


Dec. 4th, 2009 04:03 pm (UTC)
But hopefully the humor will still be funny, like Tom Lehrer's political songs from the 50's that are still funny and surprisingly topical.