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Lots and Lots of Bitching

I hate Pro Tools.

Well, that's not true. When manipulating audio, it is a very comprehensive piece of software, and the interface really isn't that bad - it's just complicated because of all the features.

I hate using it to sequence MIDI. HATE.

I have spent two weeks struggling to write something that in other piece of software, would have taken me about 12 hours. Yesterday morning, I wrote a short theme in Reason; it took me about 4.5 hours to do 25 seconds of music, which is very reasonable in my opinion. I have used Ableton Live to do similar things in similar amounts of time.

So why am I using Pro Tools?

1) I am doing music for a 90-second movie. So I need something that can import/export Quicktime movie files.

2) I need to use Kontakt, which has the best orchestral samples of all the things I own. Kontakt is solely an instrument, which means it doesn't do sequencing, any more than my violin carries its own sheet music.

If I could somehow use Reason to control Kontakt, that would be absolutely wonderful; I like Reason's interface a great deal. But Reason doesn't use outside synthesizers. There is a probably a very complicated method for using Reason to control other synths while both are instantiated in other digital audio workstations, but I can't think of it quickly and figuring it out would take a lot of time (even if all I did was figure out it is completely impossible.)

That leave Pro Tools, Logic, and Digital Performer. I spent half of my wasted time last weekend trying to figure out routing in DP (unsuccessfully) since it does have some very nice film scoring tools that I DID figure out how to use. I've never used either DP or Logic before; it is probable that I might pick up a book on DP to peruse over the holidays, since that's the next time I'll have time to teach myself yet another piece of software. That doesn't help me right now, sadly.

Stupid, stupid Pro Tools. I am never, ever doing another predominately MIDI project in you again. Ever.

Also, I rather wish facebook still functioned the way it used to regarding networks. I'd really love to be able to post something to the Berklee network, perhaps about needing players or asking a question about software, and knowing that someone would actually see it and respond.