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How the Music is Actually Going

Haven't had time to practice since I've been sick, before today. Today I just can't bring myself to sit in the bedroom at my desk to work on homework, when the living room is so sunny and the bedroom is so dark and semi-stuffy. Since I also don't want to drag all my equipment - audio interface, external hard drive, MIDI keyboard - out to the living room table when I'm just going to have to put it away this evening, I decided to practice my violin, even though I am still behind in two classes (only a week, though - the flu set me back two weeks so I am well on my way to catching up.) So, practicing.

I think in order to get used to recording live and being recorded, I'm going to record all 40 etudes from one of my etude books. That will also vastly improve my practice efficiency, I bet. It will also give me a bunch of random things to pad out a demo if I need one.

I take back all the mean things I said about Pro Tools, too.

Also, I really must practice being a perfectionist. Must remind self that "I'll come back and fix it later" IS NOT A PRODUCTIVE IDEA.

Also decided on contents of demo reel: tweak music from one of my projects, now that I know how to do better production and sequencing and so on. Strip sound from a scene and redo it entirely myself - it just occurred to me that it would be fun to do this with one of my favorite games Legend of Dragoon, if I can rip the video. And, the film that I am working on with majueen. Potentially some Rock Band tracks.

MUST HAVE THIS DONE BY JAN 1, so hopefully I can shop around for jobs/internships.